How did it all begin?

VN Futures was originally included in the ‘Veterinary Futures’ project, which aims to address the future of the veterinary professions over the next 15 years. However, it became clear that the challenges and solutions for the veterinary nursing profession are very different to those for veterinarians, and so Veterinary Futures became two separate projects run in parallel: ‘Vet Futures’ and ‘VN Futures’.

Following the launch of VN Futures, the project has taken place over three distinct phases:

Vet Futures Summit sketch

PHASE ONE – Identifying the key strategic issues

Phase one took place from October 2015 through to May 2016 and involved stakeholder meetings, research and regional meetings.

A ‘VN Futures Action Group’ was established – including members of the veterinary nursing team, and those involved in the education, training, regulation and employment of nurses – ensuring that a wide knowledge-base was able to provide input to discussions on the priorities, hopes and ambitions for the profession.

Following this, a series of five nationwide events were held to encourage input from the veterinary nursing profession on their current concerns and how they felt the future of the VN profession could be best secured.

Veterinary nurse students studying with laptops

PHASE TWO – Refining

The refining phase took place from April through to July 2016, involving the preparation and development of the VN Futures Report and Action Plan.

This document aims to not only highlight key ambitions of the projects’ work and where we want to be heading as a profession, but the actions we may need to take to get there.

The VN Futures Report and Action Plan was launched in September 2016, with the aims of shaping the future work and focus of the project.


Phase three began in July 2016 and is currently underway, looking to deliver on the action plan – with ongoing consultation and engagement with partners on actions.

As a crucial part of this stage in the project, five working groups were formed to each address specific ambitions and key aims of the project.

VN Futures Report and action Plan cover