VN Futures Board

The VN Futures Board, formed in May 2018, oversees the work of the VN Futures initiative – providing support, strategy and direction.

Comprising of the Chair and a member of RCVS VN Council, and the President and Junior Vice President of BVNA Council, the Board brings together key leaders from across the two organisations driving the project.

The Board holds regular face-to-face meetings and has ongoing active communications regarding the work of the project.

Josephine Oakden (BVNA President and Chair of the Board)
Alexandra Taylor (BVNA Junior Vice-President)
Matthew Rendle (Chair of VN Council)
Belinda Andrews-Jones (VN Council member)

Members of the VN Futures Board

VN Futures Board, Clockwise from top left – Josephine Oakden, Alexandra Taylor, Belinda Andrews-Jones and Matthew Rendle

Executive Group

The VN Futures Board is supported by an executive group which includes the RCVS Director of Veterinary Nursing, the RCVS VN Futures Project Manager, and the BVNA Head of Learning and Development.

Julie Dugmore (RCVS Director of Veterinary Nursing)
Jill Macdonald (VN Futures Project Manager)
Nicola Ruedisueli (BVNA Head of Learning and Development)

VN Futures Working Groups

Following on from the work of the Action Group, working groups were developed to address specific aims of the project. The current working groups, and their Chairs, are listed below.

  • Career Progression
  • Creating a Sustainable Workforce
    Stuart Ford-Fennah – Chair
  • One Health
    Becky Jones – Chair
  • Training Practices
    Liz Cox – Chair
  • VN Schools Council
    Kathy Kissick (VN Council) – Chair