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  • Jill Macdonald

Role recognition and value of veterinary nurses

Jill Macdonald RVN DipAVN (Surgical) FHEA

Whilst veterinary nurses hold a key position in primary care, referral and emergency practice, it is felt that their role is still often not recognised or understood by the public and clients who use veterinary services.

2020-10-26T22:01:26+00:0012 October 2020|Views of the profession|0 Comments
  • Vet and VN with a dog

The value of veterinary nurses to practice – changing the mind-set

Stephanie-Writer Davies

There has been some debate in recent months over the value of veterinary nurses to practices, and the ‘cost’ to veterinary businesses of their veterinary nursing staff.

2020-05-22T11:52:39+01:0020 June 2019|Views of the profession|8 Comments
  • VN at operating table

VNs looking to themselves for change

Daniel Hogan

Starting my career as a veterinary nurse in a variety of roles, and moving to senior management positions, I have always been passionate about the profession and my role within it...

2020-03-18T10:20:06+00:003 April 2017|Views of the profession|1 Comment
  • A VN with a cat

Why aren’t veterinary nurses better advocates for the profession?

Helen Ballantyne

As you read this, veterinary nurses across the country are caring for their patients, ensuring their needs are met. There are veterinary nurses spending their annual leave working with charities...

2020-03-18T10:22:10+00:004 May 2016|Views of the profession|4 Comments
  • Close up of a man looking through binoculars

Where are all the veterinary nurses? Is there a need for another training option?

Laura Kidd

Each year the actual number of veterinary nurses (VNs) in the UK increases (RCVS, 2014) yet, anecdotally, there seem to be insufficient veterinary nurses to meet demand...

2020-03-18T10:23:48+00:007 September 2015|Views of the profession|18 Comments
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