VN Futures is often hosting or attending events – presenting on the latest project developments and answering questions on VN Futures and the future of veterinary nursing.

Head Nurse Congress (2020)

Tuesday 3 – Wednesday 4 November 2020

 East of England Arena and Events Centre, Petersborough, PE2 6XE

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VN Futures Project Coordinator, Jill Macdonald, will be presenting at this event from 11.35am – 12.25 on Wednesday 4 November. Her presentation ‘VN Futures – What Does it Mean To You?’, will provide an update on the activities of the initiative, highlight aspects of the project work that are relevant to you in your role as a Head Nurse in guiding and informing others, and offer opportunity to become involved in the project. There will also be time for a question and answers session.

BVNA This Is Us 2020 – online event

Friday 9 – Sunday 11 October 2020

The Webinar Vet – website

VN Futures project is holding a series of discussion sessions on key topics that affect the veterinary nursing profession, including the impact of COVID-19, environmental sustainability in the profession, the value of the student/coach relationship, the impact of potential legislative change, and role recognition and the value of veterinary nurses.

BVNA members are able to sign up to This Is Us 2020 (including the VN Futures sessions) for free via the Webinar Vet, while the cost for non-members is £56 plus VAT.

Each session will include a short introductory presentation provided by the Chair, and four breakout discussion rooms supported by facilitators, to gain views and ideas from contributors. Spaces will be limited, and delegates will need to register for the session/s they wish to attend prior to the event.

The sessions are as follows:

  • Friday 9 October, 6.20pm: Nicola Ackerman RVN will chair a session on Covid-19 considering both the monumental challenges it has posed, but also the positive situations that have developed from it.
  • Saturday 10 October, 2.05pm: Zoe Halfacree MRCVS will chair a session on environmental sustainability asking what approaches delegate’s practices have utilised to reduce environmental impact and increase sustainability, and what changes they think could be embraced for the future?
  • Saturday 10 October, 6.05pm: Samantha Morgan RVN will chair a session on the relationship between student veterinary nurses and clinical coaches with a consideration of the factors that make the coach and student an effective team.
  • Sunday 11 October, 1.10pm: RCVS Veterinary Nurses Council member Liz Cox will chair a session on the potential impact of legislative change to the veterinary nursing professions and how they could work to enhance the VN role and benefit the profession as a whole.
  • Sunday 11 October, 4.10pm: VN Futures Project Manager Jill Macdonald will host a session on role recognition, looking at what activities and initiatives might feed into increasing the ‘value of veterinary nursing’ and lead to greater recognition from the public.

Webinar – Lead or Head RVN: What’s in a name?

12.30pm Tuesday 23 June 2020

The Webinar Vet – website

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Presented by Gillian Page RVN, President of the Veterinary Management Group, this webinar will look at the role of the Lead RVN and how individuals in this role can serve as role-models for other veterinary nurses by imparting professional standards, values and beliefs along with appropriate behaviours and skills for the practice environment.

Furthermore, the webinar will also consider why ‘Lead RVN’ may be the preferable job title to ‘Head RVN’ as it better links with leadership roles in other healthcare professions, including human nursing.

BSAVA Congress – cancelled

Thursday 2 April – Sunday 5 April 2020

Arena Birmingham, King Edwards Road, Birmingham, B1 2AA

The BSAVA Congress was due to take place from 2 – 4 April 2020. We hope to be able to deliver the planned VN Futures Stream of talks below using online delivery. Watch this space!

A collaborative approach to delegation in practice – maximising the role of the VN in the vet-led team

Chair: Lou Northway RVN and Lisa Bonnett MRCVS

Lou and Lisa’s presentation will discuss collaboration between the vet and VN teams, sharing the experiences of the presenters with regards to how their teams work together.

“Team work and communication within veterinary practice are pivotal to success, satisfaction and well-being of all team members. This is why, in our presentation, we will guide you through a typical day in our practice and show you the various ways our vet and VN teams work together and delegate tasks and responsibilities. In addition to this, we will explain the steps used to create an encouraging and inclusive collaborative learning environment alongside delegation,” says Lou.

Inspiring future generation of VNs through the VN Futures School Ambassador Project

Chair: Racheal Marshall RVN, Chair for RCVS Veterinary Nurses Council

This presentation is on the School Ambassador Project, which was launched in November 2019. The Project addresses the need for highlighting and supporting pathways into the veterinary nursing profession, starting as early as primary school.

“We know that very little career information about veterinary nursing is available at many schools and so it is vitally important to the veterinary nursing profession that we are well positioned to share information and advice on VN careers. This is why, under this project, a group of enthusiastic VN ambassadors is going to inspire the next generation of potential veterinary nurses and deliver careers advice and information about veterinary nursing to school age children,” says Rachael.

Nursing in the community – the potential of the community nurse role in One Health

Time: 3.55pm

Chair: Becky Jones RVN

During this final session, Becky will share profiles of veterinary nurses performing such roles, which will demonstrate their diversity and value to the community.

“As the concept of One Health continues to gather momentum, there is an increased recognition of the benefits of human-centred healthcare and veterinary professionals working together for the benefit of both human and animal patients.  The establishment of the Community Veterinary Nurse is a great example of this ‘and this is why we want to explore the scope for this role in more depth,” says Becky.